Hypnotherapy for Grief, Loss and Bereavement

Firstly I am so sorry for your loss, whatever that may be, and for the pain you and your loved ones may be experiencing.

Grief is part of the human experience and can occur after any sort of loss.  It could be the death of a loved one, or pet, a breakup, or losing your job or home, or your health. It is also very common to experience grief if a loved one becomes sick, or has a chronic illness or dementia, and the relationship and future plans change.  

We will inevitably experience it at some point on our journey through life.  It can be overwhelming, and can leave you feeling lost, helpless and bereft.  

Grief often comes with a sometimes debilitating mix of anxiety and depression, and nervous system dysregulation which can make it difficult to concentrate, and suppressing it to get through the day can lead to feeling numb, shut down or empty.  

You may also experience rage, irritability and anger, which is one of the 5 stages of grief but can make it difficult for others to help you which can lead to further loneliness and isolation.

It may also look like starting smoking again, or taking drugs and drinking alcohol to cope. 

Getting support during this time can make it all more manageable, and allow you to honour your grief whilst also attending to life and finding hope for the future.  Understanding the grieving process can also help normalise any feelings you may be experiencing.

Hypnotherapy for grief can’t bring back what you have lost, but it can give you clarity and help you understand your own personal grieving process, (it’s different for everyone).  And allow you to come to terms with what has happened so the pain is bearable, so you can move forward with life when you are ready. 

Using hypnotherapy during the grieving process can also help you complete any unfinished business, allowing you to resolve any unexpressed guilt or anger that may be keeping you trapped, not being able to let go. 

It can also help connect you back to loving, nourishing and enjoyable memories, and wisdom gained from experiences rather than focussing on the pain of the loss.  We can also reconnect to our own internal resources of strength, courage and inner wisdom and create healthy coping strategies and self care for resilience.

Having a space to relax and be held can also give your nervous system a break from the intensity of the grief, and allow you to deeply rest and heal, replenishing your own energy, and treating yourself with love and compassion.

If you are ready to get support please book a call today, and speak with me about helping you move through these difficult times.

Case Study:  Clinical Hypnotherapy in Grief Resolution – A Case Report – PMC