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Hypnotherapy/Counselling Session
1.5 hr hypnotherapy/counselling session Recomended for ongoing treatment of PTSD, CPTSD, Trauma Resolution, Anxiety, Depression.
  • Includes 1 x individual hypnotherapy or coaching session
  • 1 x personalised recording to rewire your mind while you relax
  • Additional Resources
  • Great for ongoing support as several session may be required to treat these issues.
RTT Package
Great for issues such as anxiety, money mindset, inner critic, self sabotage.
  • Includes 1 x pre session preparation call 1hr
  • 1 x 2hr RTT session
  • 2 x 30 minute post session integration coaching calls
  • 1 x personalised transformative recording to rewire your subconscious mind while you relax.
Inner Alchemy Sound Healing & Reiki
1.5 hrs Counselling Reiki energy healing and guided inner journey with Crystal Chakra Bowls 432htz
  • Located at La Tierra Curativa
  • Helps deeply relax and recieve healing on the energetic soul level
  • Experience the resonance of Crystal Chakra Sing Bowls tuned to Earth frequency 432htz
  • Guided meditation for a deeply healing journey
Resource Therapy
1.5 hrs Counselling and Inner Parts work
  • Located at La Tierra Curativa or via zoom
  • Heal your Inner Child
  • Tame your Inner Critic
  • Resource yourself internally
  • Creates internal coherence and peace of mind.
Cacao Ceremony
1 on 1 Shamanic Journey & Ceremony with Sacred Earth Cacao 1.5hrs
  • Located at La Tierra Curativa or via zoom
  • Connect with the Spirit of Mama Cacao in sacred ceremony
  • Guided Shamanic Journey to connect with ancestors, spirit guides
  • Soul Retrival
  • Open the heart to divine unconditional love
Kids Holistic Counselling and Hypnotherapy
Youth focused counselling and clinical hypnotherapy 1 hr or 1.5hrs
  • In person or via zoom
  • Specialising in Anxiety, OCD, Bullying, LGBTQ2 and Phobias and sleep issues.
  • Skills based CBT and additional educational resources
  • Parent resources
  • Recorded hypnosis and mindfulness meditations
Psychedelic Preparation and Integration
With growing interest and increased underground use of Psychedelics for mental health we aim to provide support and information for harm reduction with coaching for preparation before your journey and coaching and support after during integration.
$120 x 4 1.5hr sessions
  • Located at La Tierra Curativa or via zoom
  • Learn harm reduction, and how to best prepare for your Journey
  • Learn Meditation and Breathwork skills as resources to help through intense experiences
  • What happens to your psyche during a journey - possibilities and potentials & best practises for harvesting insight and making sense of your experience
  • How to integrate and embody the wisdom and insight gained from the experience
  • Bad Trip integration - if your experience has left you feeling anxious, or depressed and unable to ground back into reality we provide support and referrals to medicine friendly practitioners who can help with ongoing mental health issues.
Holistic Couples Counselling
1.5 hrs either via zoom or in person
  • Work through issues within a compassionate and non-judgemental space
  • Find your core values as individuals and as a couple
  • tend your core relational wounds and attachment styles and learn how to hold them in a container of mutual safety and attunement
  • explore your boundaries, standards of behavior and ideals together
  • learn conscious communication and attunement skills
  • create a loving relationship agreement that gives a foundation of trust and stability to build on

What Issues can Inner Alchemy help with?

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About Me

Hi, my name is Melinda King, and my personal healing journey which lead towards becoming an RTT and clinical hypnotherapist started about 10 years ago, after being involved in a series of abusive relationships which left me with PTSD, anxiety and depression. I was in denial about my situation, and was struggling to cope with being a single parent, and running my own business. I was also drowning in debt, and paralysed by fear and overwhelm. I tried traditional talking therapy, counselling and although we got to the surface cause of my issues, it just didn't help shift the underlying beliefs, it felt like a bandaid on a gaping wound. I finally broke down after yet another (good this time) relationship ended, and I realised that I had to change how I was showing up in the world otherwise I felt doomed to repeat the same patterns of lack and victimhood again and again.
This breakdown led to me exploring some deep feminine/masculine embodiment practises, shadow integration and inner - child work. I also become a Reiki master, and Ashati energy healer and learning to manage my own energy better so I could heal at an energetic level. I also explored somatic healing, and kinesiology, Alchemy and Hermetic wisdom, Internal Family Systems, some amazing plant medicines, breathwork, and learnt meditation, yoga and mindfulness practises to help bring my nervous system back into regulation, and get my mind/body/soul connection back into balance.
But the real game changer was RTT and Hypnotherapy.
I first took a session for memory and concentration as this was a massive issue with the PTSD, and was holding me back in business as my anxiety levels were still through the roof.. It was amazing, I saw results within a week, and everyone started commenting on how much calmer I was, and on my newfound ability to recall even minute details.
I then took another session for my poor self esteem, and again came out of the session feeling like I had finally gotten to the root of my pain and suffering. Working with my subconscious mind and using my imagination and creativity to create the change I knew I was worthy of gave me back the self agency that had been diminished with years of abuse.
I finally knew I was enough, that I always had been, and that I always would be.
The shift from VICTIM to VICTORY was incredible.
It also ignited my soul purpose to be of service to those struggling with the legacy of trauma. I have committed to being a life long learner, and am passionate about exploring the depths of the Psyche and our connection with each other and the Ecology around us.
And so I enrolled with Marisa Peer, became an RTT therapist, and now I am thrilled to guide others on their own healing journey.
I have since gone on to complete a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Resource Therapy with Hypnotherapy Training Australia, Bad Trip Integration with Sean O'Çarroll of Wild Minds and am currently studying Trauma Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation with Atira Tan.


What is Inner Alchemy?

Inner alchemy is a concept that encompasses various spiritual and psychological practices aimed at transforming and refining the inner self.

Like the historical practice of alchemy that sought to transmute base metals into gold, inner alchemy focuses on the transformation of the individual’s consciousness, emotions, and spiritual essence into their most pure and authentic expression.

This concept is found in different cultural and spiritual traditions, such as the Taoist Neidan, Western Hermeticism, Jungian Psychology, and Kabbalistic Alchemy, each having their own unique practices and symbolism.

Inner Alchemy Therapy provides a framework for understanding the journey of self-discovery and personal development. It recognizes the importance of inner transformation and the integration of various aspects of the self to achieve a more profound and authentic sense of identity and personal empowerment.

It often involves self-reflection, guided meditation/hypnosis, somatic release and symbolic or dream work, and practices that aim to resolve the impact of trauma, create new empowering self beliefs, that purify and elevate the individual’s consciousness and spiritual awareness.


What is Trauma?

“Trauma is the invisible force that shapes our lives. It shapes the way we live, the way we love and the way we make sense of the world. It is the root of our deepest wounds.” – Gabor Mate – The Wisdom of Trauma.

Our early experiences shape our beliefs, and our beliefs shape our actions, and our actions shape our reality. ⁠ Everyone experiences trauma, it is a part of our human experience, and all our experiences, good and not so good, form our beliefs about who we are, and our self worth from a very early age. It stands to reason that if you have traumatic experiences then perhaps you have formed some maladaptive beliefs that are unconsciously directing your actions/reactions, and making you feel like you are stuck reliving the same patterns again and again, whether you want to or not. It’s frustrating, especially if you can see the pattern, but can’t get to the bottom of it. You may have tried all sorts of therapies, and yet, it continues…it sucks…it feels hopeless, and exhausting..⁠ ⁠

Firstly, this is not your fault. It is perfectly normal, and there is nothing wrong with you. It is normal human development, and those maladaptive behaviors as painful and useless as they are now, probably once kept you safe. ⁠ Secondly, they are not the enemy, neither are you, they are just parts of you that you once needed, but that you have now outgrown, and once you see them for what they really are, you can release them. They hold the keys to your personal freedom.⁠ Thirdly, you can heal them, and it doesn’t have to be painful.

If you feel called to heal, and desire to be your most authentic self, within the container of Inner Alchemy I will compassionately guide you to uncover these beliefs, and transmute them, turning those painful experiences into new powerful beliefs, the inner gold of your personal transformation, setting you free to live the life you know you deserve.

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Clinical hypnotherapy is a form of therapeutic intervention that uses hypnosis as a tool to help individuals with various issues, such as managing stress, overcoming fears, changing habits, and addressing certain psychological or behavioral challenges. 

Hypnosis is a state of focused attention and heightened suggestibility, often accompanied by deep relaxation.  It is very similar to a guided meditation where we speak to the subconscious in it’s own language using visualisation, imagination suggestion and sensation.

In a clinical hypnotherapy session, Mel guides the individual into a state of hypnosis and then uses visualisation and suggestive techniques to help bring about positive changes in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This is all based on the client’s intentions, and it’s important to note that during hypnosis, individuals remain in control of their actions and cannot be forced to do anything against their will.  The therapist acts as a facilitator, helping the individual access their subconscious mind to promote healing and change.  Results vary depending on the individual’s willingness to change, and some issues may require several sessions to resolve any resistance to change.

Clinical hypnotherapy is often used as a complementary therapy in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches such as counselling, psychotherapy and somatic therapy. It is employed in various fields, including psychology, medicine, and dentistry, to address a wide range of issues such as anxiety, phobias, pain management, smoking cessation, weight loss, and more.

What is RTT?

RTT is a cutting – edge therapeutic approach that seamlessly blends the most effective principles from hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), psychotherapy, parts work and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). 

Created by Marissa Peer based on her extensive clinical experience as one of the UK’s most sought after therapists, it is a powerful process that works directly with the subconscious via hypnosis.  Using regression techniques it gets to the root cause of the issue, unlocking deep-seated core beliefs, and then rewiring thought and behavioral patterns to facilitate lasting transformation within 1 to 3 sessions. 

Whether you are seeking relief from anxiety, overcoming past trauma, or striving for personal growth, RTT empowers you to break free from limiting beliefs and create the life you desire. 

RTT is a four step process over 4 – 6 weeks, which begins with a preparation session 1.5hrs where we discuss your issue in depth.  We also explore family and relationship history and any past traumas, and look at triggers, symptoms and patterns of behaviors associated with the issue.  

We then get really clear on the intention for the session and on how you want your life to be without the issue.

During the RTT session itself 2-2.5hrs you will be guided into a relaxing hypnosis and regressed back to the root cause of the issue.  We then look at core beliefs, impressions and imprints that were created at the time.  We then use CBT to assess whether these beliefs are still working for you and upgrade them and resolve any trauma that may be present.  This may include some parts work, inner child healing, memory reconsolidation and psycho dynamic role play, and somatic release.  We then install new beliefs that the client creates and release the past.

After the session we then re-program the subconscious mind for success with a personalised recording that is listened to for a minimum of 30 days.  

This creates new neural pathways using imagination and repetition, and allows new beliefs, behaviors and nervous system states to become embodied over time.

There are then two coaching sessions for integration and embodiment support in the month after the session.  During these we evaluate wins, assess shifts and track progress.  We also address any resistance or secondary issues that may arise, and practise strategies for integration and embodiment.

RTT is perfect for those who are ready to take a deep dive into their subconscious and release themselves from self-limiting beliefs and maladaptive patterns. 

I have had great success with clients suffering with addiction, anxiety, self sabotage and disordered eating.  It can also be very effective for CPTSD, and PTSD although these more complex issues may take a few sessions to resolve as the nervous system recovers. 

Intro to Marisa Peer and RTT

Here is a video by Marisa Peer explaining RTT, the process and how it works.

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Some kind words from my beautiful clients..

Following an incident at my workplace I developed PTSD. Despite a variety of treatments and therapies over many years, my life was still severely affected by these symptoms. We focused on developing self-compassion as a key to further healing. During the hypnosis I was compassionately guided to uncover key life experiences that may have embedded limiting beliefs in my subconscious. I was then able to gain recognition and understanding about why I created them. Melinda carefully helped me to unravel the thoughts that created these strong beliefs and look at them from a more healthy viewpoint. The RTT process assisted me to replace these old beliefs and patterns with powerful new ones. Melinda has given me new understanding and freedom to move forward in my healing, she believed in me, and helped me to believe in myself, and I am so grateful for this. I believe RTT is a powerful and effective therapy, and If you are feeling ready for change, then I highly recommend that you put your trust in Melinda King.
Dominique B.
PTSD Client
Mel is an exceptional healer and RTT practitioner. I felt so safe and supported in my session with Mel. My healing began immediately and I am experiencing more and more improvement each and every day. This beautiful woman will help you change your Life.
Kate Grace
Eyesight Client
After trying several times to stop smoking and not being successful, I decided to give RTT and hypnotherapy a try. I found Mel and the moment I met her I knew she was the right choice. Mel was amazing! Mel was so supportive and understanding. The benefits of being successful this time have changed my life. Thankyou Mel.
Andrea Hunt
Quit Smoking Client
During the lockdown I found myself suffering from anxiety and feeling trapped, and reached out to Melinda to see if RTT could help. We did a zoom session and some online coaching and I now feel great about my future and know that I am able to face any challenges in my life. I found my own path, and now if I feel anxiety I can look from different perspective and I can motivate myself. I highly recommend Melinda and RTT, it has been a great experience.
Ali Gok
Anxiety Client
I saw Mel for an RTT session and had a fabulous experience. I felt so at ease with her, and trusted the journey she took me on, which led to beautiful results! She was amazing at following me up to check in which is so much more than I'd anticipated. She was prompt with sending me through the pre and post information and recording. I highly recommend her!! Thanks so much Mel!!
Sarah R
Relationship Client
I am studying a MBA, and reached out to Melinda when I found my studies suffering due to a lack of motivation and confidence issues. I did a zoom RTT session and she made a personalized recording which I listen to everyday. I am now highly motivated to study and exercise, and my I now feel confident I will get great results in my exams and have a great future, and I am so happy with my progress I am sending my sister to do the same.
Motivation Client
I would definitely recommend Mel and RTT, I went to see Mel regarding some personal issues & challenges that I faced in life, I thought I could deal with these myself, truth was i couldn't. Mel gave me space to express my emotions & was extremely supportive & reassuring with her treatment so that i could overcome these issues. The recording that Mel made for me is always a great reminder to stay positive & work on living the best life I can.
Anxiety Client
I would definitely recommend Inner Alchemy.Melinda has the most beautiful healing energy I felt instantly at ease .I had the most amazing insights in hypnosis which enabled me to heal the root cause of my recurring issues. Forever grateful to Melinda for helping me finally overcome my sabotaging subconscious patterns.
Trish N
Self Sabotage Client

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