Past Lives regression and Ancestral Healing

There have been many books written and evidence gathered on proof of genetic memory or imprinting as and reincarnation, and it is the basis for many of the world’s major religions including Hindu and Buddist teachings. 

Current research into quantum physics and the nature of alternate realities and multiverses also seem to support this theory as the science slowly catches up with psycho-spiritual traditions and beliefs.

Our DNA carries our genetic memory, and can hold the answers to many issues in our present lives including health issues, fears and phobias.  During hypnosis and other altered states we can access our Ancestral memories and gain wisdom and support from their time here.  This can also assist in healing generational cycles of trauma and stop the pattern from repeating in our current life or carrying onto the next generation.   

Connecting with whole and healed elders as guides and guardians in this current life is also a very healing process, and can give a sense of wholeness if we experienced abuse or neglect at the hands of our closest caregivers or if we were displaced from our families.

It can give a real experiential feeling of belonging to reclaim your ancestry on your own terms, to claim some of their inner resources of strength, determination and courage and to find forgiveness, love and gratitude for your lineage.  It takes a lot of courage to break the chains of ancestral trauma, and to heal and restore pride in your origins. I believe many of us have incarnated in this lifetime to do exactly this.

In Hypnosis it is also possible to regress the mind back to past incarnations that are not blood lineage, but previous soul incarnations in order to understand patterns, triggers, phantom pain or phobias that can’t be solved by medical interventions or any other unexplained issues in your current life.  Your soul’s lessons are your destiny, and if you were prevented from learning these lessons in a past incarnation then the lessons will be presented in this current life, which is often why some personal growth experiences can be extremely triggering and induce a lot of fear or nervous system dysregulation, and may result in us playing small, or not using our gifts or our voice. This is very commonly experienced by those who were persecuted for leadership, witchcraft, psychic abilities, or for their gifts as a healer/midwife/wise woman.

Regression of any kind can take you back to revisit past trauma, so during the intake we thoroughly prepare for this, and we view the past life from a safe place, and review it, not re-experience it.  We are also sometimes able to access the place in between lives, where we can gain a deep understanding of the lessons learnt on a soul level during that lifetime.  This often sheds light on what we may need to do in this lifetime to change the pattern or solve the problem. 

A personal story – I have always been interested in past lives, but didn’t think much of it as a healing modality, as I didn’t see how it could help with healing in this life.  However during my training I had some very deeply transformative past life regressions that allowed me to see patterns that were bleeding into and influencing my current life.  Places where I was triggered and suffering to a degree that the current situation didn’t perhaps warrant.   By witnessing where these patterns came from and then changing the story I was then able to understand and let go of the hold they had on me.  

It enabled me to live in the present, and to change my perspective on some really big life decisions so I could make much clearer and better choices from a place of wholeness. It enabled me to step into aligned leadership and find my voice as a space holder and medicine woman, and allowed me to let go of the fear of my own power and fear of persecution for embodying my gifts.

We live in times of great change and have freedom that our forbearers could only dream of, so it really is an incredible honour to help others free themselves from fear to stand in their power and share their souls gifts.